Chris' Story

Chris Cowden spent 43 years with the people he loved and those that loved him. His legacy will live through the myriad of individuals’ lives he touched every day. Chris had two great loves in his life: his beautiful daughter Mallory and his beloved wife Sara. Chris made it his job to be a father and husband first. He enjoyed the time spent with his friends, many of whom were his family. Anyone, family or friend, could count on Chris for everything.

Chris was born to Judy and Ray Cowden. Matt, Teri, and Suzanne call him brother. Many others call him grandson, uncle, cousin, nephew, and brother-in-law. Even more call him friend.

His kindness for animals began when Chris was 16 years old. He was coming home from playing video games and spotted some young kids tormenting a little calico cat outside the local arcade. Without thinking, he stopped and ran the kids off and rescued this scrawny little cat who was later adopted and named “Callie” by his dad.

Some years later Chris was out on a job checking on one of his oil rigs and saw a very scruffy little dog wandering around on a back dirt road. His fur was extremely dirty and matted together. He could barely see through the fur that had grown over his eyes. After Chris gave him half his sandwich, the dog took the sandwich carefully in his mouth and walked away. Chris followed him and found that the dog had been living exactly where he had been abandoned by his former owners. They had left a bag of moldy dog food and an old ratty quilt for the dog. Of course, Chris quickly took the dog home with him and talked his sister into adopting “Biscuit.”

He always kept a bag of dog food in his truck for those animals which looked starved for nourishment and attention. These acts of compassion by Chris were frequent for he was notorious for saving animals and hounding his family and friends mercilessly into adopting them. “Miss Piggy,” Scarlet”, and “Woody” were just a few more of the animals saved and adopted out by Chris.

Chris was tragically taken from us on May 17, 2008 in a motorcycle accident. We found ourselves with a loss of a beloved friend, father, husband, brother and son. The passing of Chris left us with little more than tears, hugs, memories…and a passionate and painful desire to somehow keep the spirit of him alive. Chris loved to run and because of his lifelong compassion for all animals, we are hosting the first annual “See Spot Run” on May 14th, which will benefit the Free to Live animal sanctuary. We think this will be a great tribute to him, honoring his spirit of selflessness and fortitude. We will use this tribute to raise money for a cause he supported while doing an activity of which he took great pleasure. Free to Live is an organization that takes in abused, neglected and stray animals and lets them live out their lives in a happy, healthy environment. How “Chris”.

We miss his friendship, benevolence, and devotion. Please consider supporting this event by either participating on race day in Guthrie, OK or by offering a donation. Hope to see you there!!


Chris’s Family & Friends